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Joliet City Council will not reconsider DriveTime proposal

After more than two years of vacancy and receiving two proposals to fill the lot at 1395 N. Larkin Ave., the Joliet City Council voted 5-3 to uphold a previous decision to deny a special use permit to DriveTime.

None of the neighborhood groups in opposition to the proposed special use were in attended the council’s Aug. 2 meeting. After initially denying the special use permit in June, officials were asked to reconsider their decision after the city learned a blood and plasma donation center had interest in the property.

City Manager Jim Hock said later that the board was briefed about his previous experience at a municipality in Michigan, where a blood donation center was in operation. He said issues that arose from that center “provided a constant aggravation to the police department.”

Hock stated that problems occurred daily, in part, because individuals would use the bus stop outside the donation center to get to a nearby liquor store or gamble the money they received for donations. While the DriveTime proposal was denied a special-use permit that would have allowed the used-car business to make modifications to the property, the blood and plasma center wouldn’t face the same requirements.

Roofing contract for Public Utilities Service Center approved

The Joliet City Council approved a $173,000 contract to Malcor Roofing last week for replacement of roofing materials at the Department of Public Utilities Service Center.

Officials said the flat roof material is aging. Records show the building was originally built in 1980.

The measure allows the city to award a contract for a new coating system to be installed. Officials said council action will add 20 years to the remaining life of the roofing materials.

The city reviewed six bids for the project, and said the bid from Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving was not opened because they did not prequalify. Monies for the project will be accounted for using the water & sewer improvement fund.

Change order, payment secured for Doris Avenue roadway improvements

Also during that meeting, Joliet approved change order request no. 5 and payment estimate no. 4 and final for Doris Avenue roadway improvements.

The project is part of the city’s roadway reconstruction program for last year. In Sept. 2015, a service contract award was awarded, in the amount of $268,450.62, to Austin-Tyler Construction.

City records show a cost savings is due after replacing a four-inch frame and gate and deducting the amount of landscape restoration anticipated. Those monies will revert back to the Motor Fuel Tax fund.

The city will also process payment estimate no. 4 and final for the Doris Avenue project.

City backs police department purchase for portable radios, batteries

Joliet is looking to add six portable radios and 300 replacement batteries throughout the Joliet Police Department.

The city said the batteries were last replaced in early 2015 and are nearing the end of their 18-month shelf life.

An agreement between Starcom Radio Equipment, Motorola and the State of Illinois will allow Joliet to receive a discounted pricing for the equipment.

The city will pay for contract, valued at $49,757.58, to Motorola Solutions.

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