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Cub fans get gear, memorabilia at DICK’s Sporting Goods in Oswego

Lines wrapped around the storefront of DICK’s Sporting Goods in Oswego a number of times early Thursday morning, in celebration of the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory.

DICK’s Sporting Goods expanded store hours at select locations across the suburbs of Chicago to give fans a chance to purchase Cubs gear and memorabilia.

Bryan Pittman, of Aurora, had his Cubs win flag wrapped around him. He said he was ecstatic to see the Cubs go all the way this year.

“I jumped around the house for about five minutes and then I took the win flag out and ran up and down the streets for a couple minutes screaming,” Pittman said. “Mom was shooting off fireworks. It was awesome. (It) was a long time coming.”

Pittman said he’s been a fan his whole life, and so is his father.

Pittman recalled other great moments in Chicago Cubs history as told by his father

“My dad always talked about like back in the ‘80s when they had good teams with (Ryne) Sandburg and (Bruce) Sutter and stuff, too,” he said. “I know it was pretty important for him, because he’s been really on edge the last couple days.”

Pittman said watching this year’s World Series was nerve-wracking for him at times.

“When they lost game one, obviously my hope went down,” he said. “Then, when they went down 3-1, I was still shaky. This whole game (seven) when they were up 5-1 and they fell apart and it fell apart and they tied it 6-6, I was shaking. I couldn’t feel my fingers or anything.”

Pittman said thanks to his mom, he was able to keep calm.

“My mom just told me to breathe to be honest,” he said “And, if I just got up and walked around for a couple minutes and then I was OK.”

Patti Wenberg, of Aurora, said seeing the Chicago Cubs win the World Series means everything to she and her family.

“We’ve been waiting for this and it was bound to happen,” she said.

Wenberg said her parents were also big Cubs fans.

Wenberg’s parents were both dead as of 1982.

Wenberg said her parents would’ve been satisfied with the outcome of this year’s World Series.

“They’ve never seen this,” she said. “Going into get some flags to put on the grave for them, it’s like going to be there for them, too.”

Wenberg said it was a long series, but she’s glad she never lost faith in the Cubs.

“It was just so exciting,” she said. “We were tense. It was probably the best game I’ve ever watched, just on edge all night. It was great.”

Wenberg said it took lots of prayer at times to keep calm throughout the World Series. By the game’s end, she said she was ready to go buy flags and shirts to commemorate the big win.

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