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Aurora-area Cubs fans rejoice

Chicago Cubs fans from around the Aurora area celebrated history in the making during Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday night.

The last time the team clinched a pennant to advance to the World Series was in 1945. That was ancient history as far as fans were concerned over the weekend.

Heather Jebens of Oswego said she's been waiting for this moment in Cubs history all her life, and is ecstatic knowing they are headed to the World Series.

"When they got shut out (in Games 2 and 3), I was getting nervous when the bats weren't swinging. Very, very nervous," she said.

Jebens was decked out in Cubs gear during Saturday's game. She dismissed the idea that the Cubs are jinxed.

"We're not afraid of any goat curse anymore," she said.

Rich Niemiec, also of Oswego, said it was awesome seeing the way the Cubs are moving through the playoffs.

"It hasn't happened since before I was born, and I'm over 50 years old," he said.

Niemiec said at various points throughout the NLCS series, he was nervous. Not anymore.

"They started off with a couple of runs, and that helped me (to be) able to sit down and actually enjoy the meal," he said. "It would've been harder if they started out down.”

"It's been a great game," he said. "We're here at Buffalo Wild Wings among the friends of the Fox Valley here having a great time. It's getting loud the closer they get."

Yanil Delgado of Aurora echoed that sentiment.

"It's actually pretty frigging exciting, because people have lived and died and haven't seen it happen," she said. "It's awesome to finally see it's happening. They're going It's not (a) question anymore. They're in there. So, now they just have to focus and bring it in there."

Delgado said for a while, she was starting to believe the Cubs were cursed.

"I think all that is gone," she said. "It should be gone for every Cubs fan. They have a great team behind them."

Delgado said she's happy to know she can breathe easier seeing the way the Cubs sealed the victory Saturday night.

"I was nervous at first when they went down to California for the game," she said. "(I) didn't want them to choke like they did last year. So, the next game when they came back, they were on fire. After that it was over, they were going to win."

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