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Sewer improvements getting underway in Yorkville

Yorkville will begin the process of completing sanitary sewer lining improvements today on the city’s south side.

The city is contracting with Visu-Sewer of Illinois to complete the work on various streets located west of Bridge Street, South of Hydraulic Avenue and North of Elizabeth Street.

City Engineer Brad Sanderson said cooperation and patience is needed throughout the lining process.

“There will be some minor adjustments in traffic flow,” he said. “There will be a series of trucks along the roads. It’s not like there will be open excavation. Traffic will move fairly fast.”

This year is the third in which the City of Yorkville has undertaken the project.

Sanderson said sanitary sewer lining improvements are vital to the city’s daily operations.

“There’s some older sewers within the city,” he said. “Several years ago, there was a study done on sewers that said there was leaking… Basically, that’s bad when you treat waste waster.”

Sanderson continued to explain how lining the sewer system works to the city’s benefit.

“The old pipes are bad,” he said. “By lining it, it fills everything up.”

Preliminary work starts today with the cleaning of pipes, and the lining of the sanitary sewers will begin the week of Sept. 19. All scheduled work is set for completion on or before Nov. 30.

Sanderson said the project is also budgeted for next year and there will be plans for additional work in the future.


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