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Yorkville commission looking to deny petition to Jet’s Towing and Services

The Yorkville Planning and Zoning Commission is looking to extend a formal rejection that would deny a special-use permit to Jet’s Towing and Services.

In a unanimous vote, the commission agreed Tuesday to make a recommendation to turn down the petition.

The city recently performed a one and one-half-mile review of special uses in unincorporated Yorkville, which included the lot in question at 790 Eldamain Rd.

Community Development Director Krysti Barksdale-Noble said it has come to the city’s attention that action is needed to allow continued use of the lot for business.

“This particular matter was actually a compliance issue, which means that they were operating this facility illegally in the county, since it wasn’t zoned for that operation,” she said, noting how this is a matter that is currently operating a land use in violation of the existing Kendall County A-1 zoning district.

The city of Yorkville’s 2008 comprehensive plan shows the property zoned as industrial, which would be consistent with the request to be considered a manufacturing use. However, county records show the lot is a mixed use, not industrial.

Barksdale-Noble noted that city staff raised objections regarding the petition, and said the county is aware of that.

At approximately nine-acres of parcel, the lot in question operates as both a home to the petitioner and a towing and storage company.

Barksdale-Noble said in consideration of the public hearing for the city’s comprehensive plan update, officials will need to re-define future land use for the property.

Barksdale-Noble emphasized that the petitioner’s request is an inappropriate action considering the use of property in connection to the surrounding area, which is primarily large open space, residential and agricultural use.

The petitioner, who has been occupying the property since 2014, is also seeking to request a variance from the county to implement fencing.

Barksdale-Noble noted that that may become an issue as the petitioner is looking to store vehicles on site, and said they do not have a solid foundation parking plans.

“It’s inconsistent with our future land use for our updated comprehensive plan,” she said.

Among the planning and zoning commission members who voted in opposition to the special use was Jeff Olson. He said that site doesn’t look appealing.

“The map they have here is older,” he said. “It doesn’t look like that.”

He added that granting the permit would be counterproductive to developments in the surrounding area.

The petitioner did not appear on behalf of request for the zoning map amendment at the meeting of the Planning and Zoning commission.

The Yorkville City Council will hold a vote to consider the idea of recommended an approval of a special-use permit to Jet’s Towing and Services at the Aug. 23 meeting.


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