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Locals show off sewing talent in 4-H fashion show

Cameras flashed and the music blared as community youth took to the runway Saturday, strutting across the stage in their new fashion ensembles.

It was all part of the 4-H fashion review at the Kane County Fair in St. Charles, a showcase for one of many 4-H cooperative extension programs exhibiting their projects to the public.

Kim Braddock, 4-H superintendent for clothing, said the goal of the program is to get anybody who likes sewing or fashion interested in something they might pursue as a career. The fashion review tends to see participants that return year after year.

"Once they do it once, they kind of figure out what they're doing and they love to come back," Braddock said.

Michelle Ochs, of Carpentersville, said she was excited to see her daughter showcase her work.

"She worked really hard on her dress that she'll be modeling," she said. "It fits her really well, and I think it's nice she has a chance to show off."

This year was her daughter's second time participating.

Ochs said she thinks the experience provides a number of positive learning opportunities for her daughter.

"I think this is a challenge for her, but I think it's good to be challenged and to try new things and do new things," she said.

Meredith Abbs, 15, of St. Charles, said she enjoyed walking the runway. She said she doesn't see herself wanting to be a model or a designer, but she finds ways in which she can utilize her background in theater on the runway.

"(It's) just how I held myself, how I walked, and I did base this a lot on Anita from 'West Side Story,'" she said.

Abbs said she was wearing the Nicole dress from a website she visited.

"It's just a dress with a scoop neckline and when you twirl around, it makes a giant circle around," she said. "I really got obsessed because of Anita… She's my favorite character."

Noa Greenfeld, of Elgin, was one of eight children participating in this year's event. She said showcasing her work in front of others was enjoyable, and this year was her fifth time getting involved.

"It's a two-piece crop top and a skirt and halter neck,” she said. “I did it in about two weeks, just because I was like crunched for time. Usually, I would take longer to work on it."

Greenfeld was one of several children who took home ribbons in this year's showcase.


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