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Coloring for Adults offers creative, relaxing space for residents

Many adults might think they are too old to spend time coloring, but according to one group in Homer Glen, that isn’t the case.

For those in attendance at Coloring for Adults at Homer Township Public Library on March 28, coloring was highly encouraged.

The program served as an outlet for adults to have a space where they could come together, pick up a coloring book and be creative. It was the third installment of Coloring for Adults for the library, with a fourth expected to be held in April.

Becky Vallejo, a clerk at the library and coordinator for the program, said it made sense to hold Coloring for Adults in response to its popularity at other area libraries.

“We started it when we noticed how other libraries were starting it,” Vallejo said. “It’s a growing trend among public libraries, and we felt Homer could use it.”

Vallejo said the library is aiming to keep the program’s net small at first, but the hope is it will continue to grow in popularity.

“They wanted it in here because it’s cozy,” Vallejo said of the unique program. “It has been popular; we have people asking about it.”

Edna Haupt, of Homer Glen, was one of several in attendance for Coloring for Adults. She said it was her second time being there and that she was enjoying herself.

“It’s very relaxing,” she said. “Time goes by fast. I don’t how long we’ve been here. We look forward to it. It’s [offered] once a month. It seems like it takes a long time for a month to come around.”

In response to what she was working on that evening, Haupt said she’d brought a coloring book from home and completed a few pages, adding she would definitely continue to come back for the program.

Deb Musial, also of Homer Glen, said she and Haupt are longtime friends, making it even more of a pleasure to attend the event together.

“I like calmness, the quietness, the fellowship with my friend here,” Musial said. “It’s very relaxing.”

Musial said she could barely wait for the evening to come around since attending a prior Coloring for Adults event at the library.

“I bought a coloring book for the house,” she said. “That’s how much I enjoy it.”

Homer Glen resident Meaghan Kresek was there with her daughter finishing up another page of her coloring book. She said it was her first time attending the program and that she finds value in it.

“We were laughing a lot,” she said. “It’s nice to socialize with other people, especially being a parent.”

Kresek also said she would be interested in attending the program again.

“I’ve always been artistic, so it’s really fun doing the art your way,” she said. “Because with the kids, you have to let the kids do it their way.”

She added that it’s nice to see how children and parents can come together over something as simple as coloring, with it allowing all ages to explore their creative side.

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