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Local artists decorate children’s chairs for Park District auction

The annual Lisle Park District Art in the Park event soon will return to the village, offering several ar-tistic activities, including an auction of toddler adirondack chairs painted by local artists.

The chairs will be displayed and auctioned off during the event at 2 p.m. Sept. 6 at Community Park Bandshell, 1825 Short St.

This year is the auction’s second.

“It’s a community event and proceeds from the event go back to the community,” said District Office Manager Wendy Nadeau.

All proceeds will go to the Lisle Partners for Parks Foundation to fund district scholar-ships, helping residents with financial need participate in district programs.

The district used fliers to seek local chair sponsors, pairing them with artists.

There were 25 chairs pur-chased with the intent to dec-orate and display them by the end of May.

Participating art-ists were given one month to decorate a chair for district visitors to preview and bid on at the auction, Nadeau said.

This year’s chairs are avail-able for viewing at the Lisle Park District Recreation Center, 1925 Ohio St.

Participating artists were allowed to use their original ideas or find in-spiration in existing designs, such as those seen in pop cul-ture classics like DC Comics’ Superman or Disney’s prin-cesses.

Art in the Park is meant to bring a creative focus to the outdoors by hosting art-themed activities in nature, according to the district website.

For information or to preview chair designs, visit the Recreation Center or

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