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Minooka officials approve agreements with Kendall, Grundy counties for Ridge Road improvements

The Minooka Village Board of Trustees decided in a pair of 4-0 votes to secure intergovernmental agreements with Kendall and Grundy counties for Ridge Road improvements.

Trustees Terry Houchens and Chad Hrechko were absent.

Minooka is looking to work with Grundy County to widen the Wisconsin Central Railroad viaduct and Ridge Road, just south of Interstate 80 from the CSX railroad tracks to McEvilly Road, to allow five traffic lanes, a multi-use path, a sidewalk and streetlights.

Another agreement provides that the village partner with Kendall County to widen Ridge Road, just north of Interstate 80 to Holt Road, to allow five traffic lanes, turning lanes and streetlights. It stipulates the village is not responsible for construction costs, but will pay for streetlights and tree plantings.

The projects are meant to accommodate the increase in traffic, which recent residential, commercial and industrial development has sparked.

“Both projects we’re hoping will start by this summer,” Village Administrator Dan Duffy said. “There’s quite a bit of construction for residents to take note of.”

There are plans to employ construction signage and temporary traffic signals throughout the projects.

The costs to complete the improvements amount to $13.2 million and an estimated $1.5 to 2 million, respectively, according to the agreements.

Funding will be provided in the form of local and county Motor Fuel Tax funds, as well as federal Surface Transportation funds allocated to Grundy County and granted to Minooka by the Will County Governmental League.

There are differing timelines for Ridge Road improvements. The Grundy County portion has an August/September construction start date, while the Kendall County portion has a spring construction start date.

The Grundy County project is anticipated to require two construction seasons to meet a December 2020 completion date.

Kendall County officials have not yet identified when the Kendall County project will be completed.

Approving the agreements is meant to help solidify arrangements to support roadway improvements.

Duffy said working with Kendall and Grundy counties has been productive.

“Both transportation departments have included us on both projects from day one, working hand-in-hand with our superintendent of public works, Ryan Anderson, to make sure the projects are a success,” he said.

Other business

The following is a brief recap of additional action and discussion:

  • Officials tabled a vote on a resolution approving a rate change for services provided by Robinson Engineering. The matter will be reviewed again at a later date.

  • The board authorized the appointment of George Lindemulder to the Minooka Police Commission.

  • Officials appointed Marlin Hartman as Minooka Emergency Management Agency liaison.

  • A series of ordinances was adopted abating the taxes levied for the year 2018 to pay debt service on the series 2016, 2015, 2012, and 2011 general obligation refunding bonds. The village has identified alternative revenue sources to fulfill its obligations.

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