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New Patel Brothers grocery store planned for old Toys R Us site in Niles

The former Toys R Us site on Milwaukee Avenue will become the new location for a grocery store.

Plans are in the works for the Indian grocery store Patel Brothers to set up shop, Niles Economic Development Coordinator Ross Klicker said.

In August 2017, Toys R Us closed its Niles location at 9555 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Patel Brothers is anticipated to open for business by the end of spring 2019.

“We know it’s a strong retail corner, and the fact that the Patel Brothers are looking to come and put in a grocery store proves it,” Klicker said.

At Patel Brothers, patrons will have the ability to peruse regional grocery and spice products from around the world, according to its website.

“Especially when it comes to groceries, Niles has a very ethnic and diverse offering, and this will only continue to add to those offerings, which will only help our very diverse population,” Klicker said.

Klicker said Patel Brother have been a good partner to the village as it regards communicating its plans in advance and obtaining the necessary permits.

The site over time drew interest from several users, ranging anywhere from auto dealers to land speculators.

Klicker said those would have been acceptable uses.

The village imposes a 2.5 percent sales tax to all businesses selling food.

Klicker said he could not offer a projection as to how much revenue Patel Brothers could generate in that regard, but those numbers will become firmer once they open for business.

Patel Brothers has 45 locations in North America, including those in Chicago, Naperville and Schaumburg.

“This is a great use for the village,” Klicker said. “We’re very confident it’s going to be an outstanding location. It’ll be very successful for all parties involved.”

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