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Rock Run Crossings a game-changer for region, CEO of Cullinan Properties says

The CEO of Cullinan Properties lauded its plans for Rock Run Crossings Monday at a meeting of the Joliet City Council, calling it a game-changer not only for the city of Joliet but also the region.

“We view this as a game-changing project for the region, not just [for] that site but just overall,” said Chris West, CEO for Cullinan Properties. He said people should note all the benefits the development has as far as sales tax, employment, and amenities for the community.

At 265 acres, this mixed-use development Rock Run Crossings in Joliet is proposed to include residential, office, retail, restaurant and entertainment uses in the northeast corner of Interstates 55 and 80.

Officials want the site to serve as a gateway to Joliet moving forward.

Mayor Bob O’Dekirk said they city has resisted offers to place trucking or logistics operations on that site.

West said Rock Run Crossings has seen a lot of progress over the last year.

“This project has a been a catalyst in many ways for the proposed road improvements for not only the site, but [also] the region,” he said.

Among the roadways to be improved are Seil Road, Route 52 and County Farm Road.

West said that finding solutions to improve the infrastructure served as an issue for project and probably elongated the timetable, but it needs to be done.

Cullinan Properties will be conducting future public meetings in which stakeholders and residents are encouraged to attend.

An alternative concept for public roadway improvements will be presented July 16 during a meeting of the community advisory group.

“With that progress, [the Illinois Department of Transportation] has now committed phase two funding,” West said. “Phase two is the next step of the actual, final engineering of the project, and they’ve gone on record as committing to that. So, we’re excited about that phase two commitment, which bodes well for the overall project, as well, as again, all the improvements it’ll seek to address in the community.”

Over the years, Cullinan Properties has completed various projects across the nation, including those in Austin, Texas; St. Charles, Missouri; and East Peoria, Illinois.

Councilman Larry Hug questioned the proposed development for Joliet and its ability to thrive in a marketplace with competitors, such as Amazon.

West explained that Rock Run Crossings offers “things that cannot be replicated by Amazon. People need to still be entertained. They still need to eat.”

People will be thrilled once the city can release more information about Rock Run Crossings, O’Dekirk said. The project is expected to create 8,000 jobs and generate significant, new revenues.

West said he looks forward to announcing the tenants for Rock Run Crossings at a later date.

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