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Families unite for Mother-Son Superhero Dance

For one evening, the force united families Sept. 29 during the Frankfort Park District’s Mother-Son Superhero Dance.

The Founders Community Center transformed into a dance floor, with children clad in superhero costumes accompanied by their mothers for an evening to remember.

“This is our second mother-son dance,” said Cali DeBella, special events coordinator for Frankfort Park District. “We tried them in the years past, and it didn’t go [well.] Last year was our first one…. Last year was a great response.”

Between refreshments and dancing, the evening was equipped for uniting families. A dance floor was set up, dance music blared and each table was decorated. Cameras were flashing as people took pictures, while others enjoyed food between bits of conversation.

Dorothy Korbel, of Mokena, said she and her son were looking forward to attending the Mother-Son Superhero Dance.

“We had a really fun time last year, and this year, we got to do something different by doing the superhero theme,” Dorothy said. “We thought that was a lot of fun.”

Dorothy said she and her son do not get to attend events of this type often.

“This is definitely a unique thing,” she said. “You don’t see too many mother-so dances, so I’m excited that they actually have it now. We see the daddy-daughter dances, but not as many mother-son dances.”

Dorothy’s 6-year-old son, Davis Korbel, said the best part of the Mother-Son Superhero Dance is easy to pinpoint.

“I like dressing up as superheroes,” he said.

Davis dropped in as Batman, while Dorothy donned a Batgirl costume for the evening. Dorothy said the dance continues to please she and her son in its second year.

“It’s a great opportunity for the boys to play together [and] have a night out with mom,” she said. “We enjoy it.”

This year’s dance brought in 125 people and sold out ahead of time.

“It’s just a nice, little evening,” DeBella said, adding, “People are dancing and having some refreshments, so it’s really fun.”

Frankfort Park District decided to hold the dance in response to feedback received from parents who enjoyed the mother-son bowling event they held on Mother’s Day. Every year a new theme is highlighted during the dance.

DeBella said there’s a great need for community events that join mothers and sons.

“They asked for this, and September is kind of a slower time at the park district,” she said. “[Everyone’s] getting back to school and everybody’s getting back into routines. We had actually time in our schedules to host another event, so we’re proud.”

Jill Cooley, of Frankfort, said it had been a fun night.

“It gives us an opportunity to get out with just our boys, dance around, let loose,” she said.

This year was Jill’s first time attending the dance with her kids. Her 10-year-old son, Evan, came dressed as Superman and her 8-year-old son, Brendon, wore a Batman costume.

Evan said his favorite part of the dance was the limbo.

Jill said she is glad she decided to come out for the Mother-Son Superhero Dance.

“I think the superhero thing is unique, and I know a lot of other places do father-daughter dances, [but] I don’t think everywhere has mother-son dances, which I’m not sure why,” she said.

Jill dropped in not knowing what to expect, and what she witnessed came as a slight surprise to her, she said.

“I guess I’m glad to see that most people are out dancing together rather than sitting around,” she said. “Everyone’s enthusiastic about the night.”

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