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Moose Fest returns to downtown Lockport for fifth year

The journey of one young boy who was enrolled in Mooseheart Child City & School was shared following graduation last year.

The boy was taking steps to pursue his high school diploma, while his mother was struggling to provide the means to support her children. The experience he had after gaining admission made him thankful for Mooseheart and everything they had done for him and his family, said Bruce Davis, administrator of Lockport Moose Lodge No. 1557.

“It’s very common,” he said, noting this young boy’s story is indicative of the impact Mooseheart has on many children.

To raise money to support Mooseheart Child City & School, members of Lockport Moose Lodge held its annual Moose Fest Friday, Aug. 25 and Saturday, Aug. 26, in the Hamilton Street parking lot in Lockport. Proceeds are to benefit Moosehaven, Lockport Resource Center and Lockport Fish Food Pantry, as well.

Highlights at this year’s event included live music, food and alcoholic beverages.

Davis said it means a lot to him knowing Moose Fest is in its 5th year.

“It means we’ve somewhat succeeded,” he said. “Every year, it gets better. [There are] more people every time. [We’ve] got good entertainment, reasonably priced food and drinks. [It’s] usually what it’s all about.”

Taking to the stage for Moose Fest 2017 was The Sumthins as they performed a variety of covers on both nights. They opened up for Five Guys Named Moe and Strung Out.

Moose Fest raises approximately $500 to benefit each of the organizations they aim to support every year.

Davis said Lockport Moose Lodge strives to be responsive to the community’s changing needs, and the membership is evolving to satisfy this aim.

“It’s changing, the Moose [Lodge,]” Davis said. “Undoubtedly, the fraternity is changing. We’re trying to get more millenials into the Moose Lodge. We’ve got a lot of the older people. [We’ve] got a lot of baby boomers still around trying to run it. Our hopes are over a period of time that we get more younger people in. It’s great for families. We do a lot for the kids.”

Lockport Moose Lodge is a membership organization focused, in part, on supporting children at Mooseheart and seniors at Moosehaven. They hold a Christmas Party, Easter egg hunt, Halloween party and Valentine’s Day party for members to enjoy.

“Summertime’s a little slow because there’s so many other activities to do, but we try to have different activities for members,” Davis said.

Lockport Moose Lodge not only aims to engage members, but also students who attend Mooseheart, Davis said.

Mooseheart attracts children who are in need from different backgrounds all around the world.

The organization’s mission rings true for many, Davis said.

“We try to give kids a second chance at childhood, and Mooseheart, … we take kids in from infancy all the way through 18 years of age, and we raise them there,” he said. “They have their own housing there. They have their own churches, sports teams and activities.”

Seeing the community’s support year after year at Moose Fest brings great meaning to Lockport Moose Lodge, according to Davis.

“I think it’s great that the community comes,” he said. “We try to do as much as we can to support the community… It makes everyone feel better when you can help the community somewhat.”

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