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Woodridge Village Board votes for several agreements

The Woodridge Village Board of Trustees approved June 1 a first amendment to a license agreement, originally authorized last spring to allow Sigecom to use of the Village’s right-of-way.

Board action allows Sigecom to extend the installation, construction, location, operation and maintenance of telecommunication facilities along 183rd Street and Heritage Parkway. Such a measure allows for service to Verizon cellular towers and is similar to the work completed in 2015 by Woodridge School District 68 to connect their various school facilities.

To access the right-of-way, Sigecom was required to secure a 10-year license agreement with Woodridge. That agreement stipulates that Sigecom is to pay fees in compliance with the Village’s right-of-way ordinance to put the right-of-way to use.

The Village is to be paid an annual fee in the amount of $3,000, with that installment increasing by three percent every year thereafter.

Additional installations within Village limits will require authorization by other entities, including the Illinois Department of Transportation, DuPage County, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and ComEd property.

With the approval of the first amendment in a 5-0-1 vote, Sigecom is to pay $847.42 to account for the prorated amount of the new annual fee for the current year, minus the amount credited for previous overpayment.

Trustee Kay Page abstained from the vote.

To prevent slippery roads in the event of rain or snow, the board authorized the purchase of 2,200 tons of bulk rock salt through the DuPage County Joint Purchasing Agreement.

The county received four bids and the Village contended that it is in the best interest to award the contract to the lowest bidder, Detroit Salt Company. In doing so, Woodridge officials budgeted for a contract award in the amount of $127,400 for rock salt, brine and other liquid treatments.

Should the Village experience a more active winter season, the agreement stipulates that additional services can be provided at a price of $56.49, which previously wasn’t an option.

Woodridge officials approved a series of measures giving the village administrator the ability to enter into agreements with Karyn Byrne, an independent contractor for housing inspection, code enforcement, and building inspection, plumbing inspection and plan review services.

The work Byrne has performed for the Village dates back to 2013. Around that time, requests for proposals were sent out seeking contractors and it was awarded to her. The rates at which Woodridge officials are paying Byrne amounts to a zero percent increase in fees assessed.

The contract limits services performed by the contractor to four years and ends April 30, 2021.

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