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Woodridge to receive grant funding for LED streetlights

The Woodridge Village Board of Trustees approved a pair of measures aimed at purchasing some new LED streetlights for future use along Internationale Parkway.

In two separate votes at their April 6 meeting, officials unanimously authorized a pact with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus for acceptance of an Illinois Energy Now grant and waived the competitive bidding process to allow the village’s director of public works to retrieve a quotation from Lighting Solutions.

Jack Knight, assistant to the village administrator, said it was important for the board to take action.

“It’s a matter of timing,” he said. “We needed to move forward with this in order to accept the grant.”

All work performed in connection to the Illinois Energy Now grant must be completed by May 8.

Typically, municipalities are required to adhere to the competitive bidding process. In this case, Woodridge officials are working to waive this measure because there are no other companies that could handle the order.

The village intends to purchase 40 LED lights and brackets for installation along Internationale Parkway between Lemont and Joliet roads.

“What has been happening in Woodridge is certain technologies were available over the years,” Knight said. “We have a variety of lights. We have put LED lights in newer areas. Our experience is that they’re positive. LED offers two advantages: labor is reduced, less energy consumption. It’s not only a savings for Woodridge, but it’s also safer for the environment. We’re happy to do that wherever we can.”

The village’s effort to install new LED lights is still in the pilot phase.

“As it demonstrates itself as a technology that works for us, we’re still deciding whether or not to introduce more LED lights,” Knight said.

The total project is projected at $32,464 before deducting the costs met through an Illinois Energy Now grant of $15,415.

Agreement for Woodridge, DuPage County water quality improvement project approved

To ensure constituents that efforts to improve water quality are continuing to meet the community’s needs, the Woodridge Village Board of Trustees approved an intergovernmental agreement with DuPage County for grant funding to satisfy this aim.

In a unanimous vote, Woodridge officials authorized a pact between for an improvement project targeted at Prentiss Creek.

The waterway in question has exhibited issues stemming from erosion over time.

“It creates a need to carry away water in the event of a storm,” he said. “It may not operate as effectively if the bank were not affected by erosion.”

In 2007, the village completed a stream bank inventory and condition rating of various waterways in the community. That led Woodridge officials to complete two projects on Crabtree Creek last year.

Now, the village intends to address water quality issues stemming from Prentiss Creek. The effort to stabilize this creek will cost $153,895 in total.

Grant funding in the amount of $38,473 obtained through DuPage County’s Water Quality Improvement Program is to help the village design a way to deal with erosion.

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