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  • Megann Horstead

Alden Courts & Estates of Shorewood hosts lecture on dementia

Joliet resident Lois Tomac knows how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, when an opportunity arose to learn more about dementia, she said this is it.

“I just want to educate myself so just in case any loved ones in my family start it,” she said. “Maybe, I can have a little understanding about it.”

Alden Courts and Estates of Shorewood hosted the first of three spring lectures to educate the community about dementia and maintaining a healthy lifestyle on March 8.

The program was designed to engage the community about the disease by means of a live demonstration, presentation and open forum for questions and answers.

Alden Management Services Operations Director of Clinical Programming Dr. Jennifer Stelter noted that talk of memory care is an up and coming topic that is drawing a lot of attention among baby boomers in today’s world.

Dozens were in attendance for the first installment of the lecture series at Alden Estates of Shorewood.

Stelter said though people hold differing amounts of knowledge about dementia and how it works, she would define it simply as memory loss.

“It’s not a diagnosis, it’s actually an overarching term for many different type of disease processes,” Stelter said. “There are actually over 100 different types of dementias.”

Typically, dementia first impacts short-term memory and moves onto long-term memory.

Stelter said it’s important for people to get tested to determine what form of dementia they may have.

What’s more is people could actually be experiencing Alzheimer’s disease as early as 20 years prior to receiving a diagnosis, Stelter said.